One of the latest wedding trends is personalization. And this applies to the Designing Industry! For guests, your celebration begins with invitations, so you can arrange them according to fashion trends – individually and with taste. Wedding invitations with illustrations will become a memorable starting point of your day. They will tell the guests about the place where the event will take place, about the history of the newlyweds’ acquaintance and the style of the celebration. Now it is very easy to customize the wedding invite template with the help of the most well known Site

Illustrated wedding invitations

Several years ago it was fashionable to use photos from the life of newlyweds in the design of wedding invitations. Today, everyone is trying to get away from digital life, because gadgets have flooded our lives. In preparation for such an exciting event as a save the date wedding now in trending, couples are increasingly striving for identity and sincerity. Illustrations are something familiar from childhood, incredibly cute, eye-catching. What can be portrayed on wedding invitations, read on and look at the photo.


If the celebration takes place in an iconic or incredibly beautiful place, then wedding invitations may contain a picture of this location. Guests will find themselves there for a moment, feeling the spirit of celebration. An illustration of a festive location is also useful because the invitees will know in advance what the place looks like, to which they need to arrive at the appointed time. They will definitely not get lost, they will quickly find a place for celebration, which means they will not be late.

Love story

You will get beautiful wedding invitations if you depict your dating history or relationship development on them. In the life of every couple there are memorable and amazing moments that simply cannot be told or shown. Thus, you will get not just a soulless postcard with the address and time of the wedding, but a whole story for guests that will allow you to get to know you a little better, and for those who know – to remember.

How to create pictured wedding invitations?

In fact, you can paint anything you want on your wedding invitations. After all, the more individuality they have, the more original they will turn out. There are several options for implementing such an idea: from ordering from a master to creating wedding invitations with your own hands . Let’s figure out which option suits you best.

Turnkey invitation

This option is the simplest, but financially costly. First, you need to draw up a technical task for the designer: describe what exactly needs to be depicted, in what style to draw the drawing, in what color scheme.

If the studio is also responsible for printing the drawn invitations, then this is also discussed: format, spread method, type of paper. You can order ordinary single postcards, printing “book” or “accordion” format. You can choose glossy paper or matte embossed – it all depends on your preferences and financial capabilities. Any of these options will look spectacular!